Camping Spartacus Pompeii

Just 50 meters from the entrance to the ruins of Pompeii!

Ruins entrance at 50 mt

Ideal to visit the ruins of Pompeii, Camping Spartacus is inside an old citus orchard at the foot of Vesuvius, in an area of great archaeological and naturalistic interest.

Spartacus is the longest established in Pompeii. Established in 1975, for over thirty years, Camping Spartacus is the ideal campsite in Pompeii for a dynamic holiday at reasonable price.

We look forward to your visit to share the beauty of our local region. We are able to provide information and organise trips.

For the true lovers of holidays on campsites, the facility provides you with wide grassy emplacements, all with drinkable water and electric connection, completely surrounded by  typical rich vegetation. For those  who don’t want to renounce to comfort, the campsite offers several types of bungalows, all provided with: car park, water, electricity and linen.

To choose Camping Spartacus for an holiday in Pompeii means to travel through time to breathe the roman life atmosphere of 2000 years ago and at the same time to have the main touristic attractions in a few kilometres: Amalfi Coast, Herculaneum, Sorrento, Naples, Capri and Vesuvius.

Open all year