The archaeological ruins and the town of Paestum

The town was founded in VII b.C. by the Greeks from Sybaris and was called Poseidonia. The great importance of the city is evident in the big Temples of the VI and V b.C., which are perfectly kept.

In 400 b.C. the population of the Lucani conquered the city and gave it the name of Paistom. In 273 b.C. it became a Roman city, because they lost the war between Pirro and the Romans. The city remained part of the Roman Empire, but it declined between the IV and VII b.C. when the salt marsh invaded the soil and brought malaria. The city was completely abandoned during the Middle Ages and the inhabitants founded the town of Capaccio.

Paestum has important Greek and Roman monuments. Particularly important are the three Temples, two in Doric style and one in Ionic-Doric style, which are the best examples of these kind of architecture.

The Temple of Hera, the Basilica (ca. 540 b.C.) was one of the greatest Greek Temples built in stone. The Temple of Atena (ca. 500 b.C.) also known as Temple of Cerere, is the smallest and well balanced in shape.

How to get to Paestum
At 800 mt from the campsite the FFSS train get directly in Paestum.