Capri Island

A real miracle of nature between sky and sea, emerging from the abysses. The marine caves, the unique stacks, the green vegetation of cliffs, the wonderful views, nature, art, culture and the jet set society, all these things make this island the most celebrated and dreamt of islands. The piazzetta is the name the islanders give to the Piazza Umberto, which is the real centre of the touristic and jet set life. The most beautiful example of architecture in Capri is the Certosa di San Giacomo and the beautiful Augusto’s Gardens. The famous Grotta Azzurra is worth visiting during a Capri excursion.

The painter Ernest Fries and the writer Kopisch, two German tourists who visited Capri in 1826, started the  romantic passion for this cave. The islanders called this blue cave “Grotta Gradola” and they avoided going there because of its mysterious legends. The fisherman Angelo Ferraro, called “Riccio”, guided the two German tourists into the cave and gave the cave a new name: Grotta Azzurra, the name we find in enthusiastic descriptions, in coloured illustrations, in all the postcards full of memories.

How to get to Capri
At 200 mt from the campsite the Circumvesuviana train gets in Sorrento in half an hour. In the port of Sorrento, every thirty minutes a ferry leaves.